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Ladino White Clover Seed

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Authentic Willamette Valley, Oregon USA grown Ladino White Clover is an excellent choice for a protein rich plant for ground cover, wildlife and domestic animal food, and beauty all while enriching your soil. It is commonly used for wildlife forage with high protein content for game animals assisting in antler growth and health, while increasing earthworm and insect habitation that can attract upland game. It is also great for a till-in green manure crop or for mulch or compost adding healthy organic material back into your soil. One of the most important benefits of white clover is its ability to take nitrogen out of the air and fix it in the soil, improving soil fertility. This white flowering plant is a naturally beautiful and hardy clover. (Approx ¼ lb of seed to 1000 sq. ft.)

  • Excellent plant for garden cover, food plots, berry patches, and more!
  • Great for adding nitrogen, organic matter, and general health to your soil
  • Good for attracting and nurturing wildlife and honey bees.
  • Good erosion control and weed suppressant
  • 100% weed and other crop seed free!
  • Grown in Willamette Valley, Oregon